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Below is important Information of which parents should be aware!

Working papers are simply a statement of age to prove that a child is of legal working age to protect both the child and the employer. Students must come to the College & Career Center to receive working papers. Students must bring an unaltered birth certificate and a written promise of employment, showing the exact nature of job in each case.
All subsequent employers must be covered by original papers, which should be obtained, in each case, by submitting a written promise (as above) of new job to the original office of issuance. This new promise should give the student's name and address.

Workplace Rules for Individuals in School

Information taken from Connecticut Department of Labor

Permitted Hours of Work

In Restaurants/Recreation/Amusement/Theaters (School Weeks)
  • 6 hours per day on school days
  • 8 hours per day on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
  • 6 days/32 hours per week
  • 6am-11pm (midnight if no school the next day)
  • (Non-school Weeks)
  • 8 hours per day
  • 6 days/48 hours per week

In Retail/Mercantile/Manufacturing/Mechanical (School Weeks)
  • 6 hours per day on school days
  • 8 hours per day on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
  • 6 days/32 hours per week
  • 6am-10pm(11pm if no school the next day)
(Non-school Weeks)
  • 8 hours per day
  • 6 days/48 hours per week
In Hairdressing/Bowling Alley/Pool Hall/Photography (School Weeks)
  • 6 hours per day on school days
  • 8 hours per day on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
  • 6 days/32 hours per week
  • 6am-10pm
(Non-school Weeks)
  • 8 hours per day
  • 6 days/48 hours per week

Permitted Places of Employment for 14 & 15 year olds
  • Agriculture
  • Hospitals/Convalescent Homes (no food service/laundry)
  • Hotels/Motels (no food service/laundry)
  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Professional offices (lawyers, CPAs, etc.)
  • Municipalities (Libraries, Park & Rec., etc.)
  • Acting
  • Street trades (baby-sitting, newspaper, household chores for homeowners, et.)

NOTE: 15 year olds may be employed in retail/mercantile establishments, as baggers, cashiers or store clerks, during NONSCHOOL weeks only. (Working papers are required.).
No Minors under 18 years old may work in hazardous occupations or operate hazardous equipment.

Minimum Wage
$8.25 per hour as of January 1, 2010

Wage & Workplace Standards Division 860-263-679

Find an occupation that is right for you!
Take advantage of some of these great resources to help you figure out what you might be interested in.  You can also learn about what people in different career fields actually do.

Job Search
GoliathJobs is a free web-based employment service. Employers & recruiters can post a job at no charge. Job seekers can search GoliathJobs and other major boards in one simple location. Applicants are verified by their schools or alma maters, giving them an edge.

Groovejob.com is a good source for finding great part-time jobs. They focus only on part-time jobs, teen jobs, summer jobs and internships for students.
Snagajob.com is the part-time jobs and hourly employment resource for student. Click on the site and enter your zip code to find jobs in your area and even apply online for jobs.

Resume Information
Cover Letter 101
Academic Resume - This is a great resume for high school students. It important to take some time and think about your skills, abilities and what you have to offer a college or employer. Please follow these steps in completing your resume.
The cover letter is designed to introduce yourself to an employer with the object of getting an interview for a job that is advertised. It is important to follow some simple rules in writing a cover letter.

Sample Cover Letter


Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Checklist

Resume Templates
Interviewing Information
The Interview - An interview is a personal encounter between two people. To communicate what you have to offer, you must establish good rapport. The way you conduct yourself during the interview is critical.

Do you need to prepare for an upcoming SAT, PSAT or ACT?  Then, click on some of the links below that will give you access to a number of different resources.

The College Essay is a major part of your college application process.  The essay oftentimes is what will take up the majority of your time when you begin applying to colleges.  Start working on it early and seek out help from multiple sources as you work through it.  Detailed below are some great resources to help you as you work on your essay.

Students Speak:  How I Conquered the Essay

College Essay Samples

Read the samples below.  See if you can figure out the essay's strength and weaknesses.  Continue reading to see how College Board critiqued them.

Sample College Essay 1

Sample College Essay 2

Connect EDU

Register Here for your Free ConnectEDU Account!
Connecting Learners to Possibilities.
The world's largest education network and comprehensive technology platform to manage school to college to career pathways.

Summer Programs

Manchester Community College - STARS Program

A Seven-Week Summer Program for Recent High School Graduates Transitioning to College.
For seven weeks during the summer, prior to beginning their first semester at MCC, students take a three-credit course, participate in cultural enrichment activities, and work one-on-one with tutors, mentors and advisors in preparing for the academic year. They also participate in a one-credit study skills course and math lab.
STARS Program  MCC Application
STARS Application  

Goodwin College - Summer Bridge Program

Our MissionThe mission of the Summer Bridge Academy is to bridge students into a collegiate setting and transition students into lifelong learners personally, emotionally, and academically.
About The Program
  • Six Week Full Scholarship Program
  • Earn up to six transferable college credits (Contemporary Music & Interpersonal Communications)
  • English & Math Boot Camp
  • Leadership Development
  • Weekly events on & off campus

Military Resources

Air Force Army Coast Guard Marines Navy
US Air Force & Reserves US Army & Reserves US Coast Guard US Marines US Navy
US Air Force Reserve US Army ROTC      
US Air Force ROTC        




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